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Pure Nexus ROM for Pixel & Pixel XL! [Android 7.1.1]

For those of you who strive for a custom ROM that is pure as stock but would like to get some extra customization, you may want to consider the latest Pure Nexus ROM, available for both Pixel and Pixel XL.  Based on latest Android 7.1.1, the Pure Nexus ROM brings you exactly what its name implies, “pure” Google Android experience.  Even without its numerous tweaking options, the Pure Nexus ROM runs faster and longer than stock firmware and highly recommended for those of you still on stock.  Running stock firmware on Pixel or Pixel XL means you are pretty much missing out on the real Pixel experience.


Resurrection Remix ROM for Pixel XL! [Android 7.1.1]

If you have a Pixel XL smartphone and want to have more customization/features on your phone, you will definitely want to give the latest Resurrection Remix ROM a try.  Based on latest Android 7.1.1, Resurrection Remix brings you the best of stock features, customization, performance, and excellent battery life.


Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 7.1.1 for LG V20!

While many newer Android devices takes months for an AOSP/CM ROM to appear, I have been awfully lucky of being able to run Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 7.1.1 on my LG V20.  Based on latest Android 7.1.1 sources, the latest Resurrection Remix ROM for LG V20 will convert your LG V20 into a full-fledged Pixel/Nexus device.  Now, this is available for the Verizon VS995, Sprint LS997, and H918 models only.