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How to Go Back to Stock Firmware on Verizon LG V20!

If you want to go back to stock firmware on your rooted Verizon LG V20, you can easily do it if you have backed up your stock firmware.  But what you do if you have installed another custom ROM like Lineage OS or Resurrection Remix ROM but forgot to backup ROM?

There is KDZ file floating on XDA forums right now that should be able to get you back 100% stock but you will lose your unlocked bootloader, root, and will have to go through the long root process if you ever want to re-install custom ROM.


Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 7.1.1 for LG V20!

While many newer Android devices takes months for an AOSP/CM ROM to appear, I have been awfully lucky of being able to run Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 7.1.1 on my LG V20.  Based on latest Android 7.1.1 sources, the latest Resurrection Remix ROM for LG V20 will convert your LG V20 into a full-fledged Pixel/Nexus device.  Now, this is available for the Verizon VS995, Sprint LS997, and H918 models only.