Resurrection Remix ROM for Pixel XL! [Android 7.1.1]

If you have a Pixel XL smartphone and want to have more customization/features on your phone, you will definitely want to give the latest Resurrection Remix ROM a try.  Based on latest Android 7.1.1, Resurrection Remix brings you the best of stock features, customization, performance, and excellent battery life.

Right out the bat, you can customize your Pixel XL to the fullest with tweaks including your status bar, lockscreen, shortcuts, navigation, and much more.  Personally, I like to use center clock with day of the week in small font along with PIE Controls and customized extra-small quick tiles so I can add up to 5 rows of quick tiles for quick access.  While running stock firmware on my Pixel XL for many weeks has been very stable and have had zero problems (other than Periscope app lagging), stock gets very boring and you really need to install a custom ROM such as the Resurrection Remix ROM to get the most out of it.

The only problem I faced with this ROM was with bluetooth at times, I had to turn bluetooth on and off to get it working correctly with my car (BMW X5).  While this didn’t happen with stock firmware, it seems to happen with Resurrection Remix.  If bluetooth is absolutely important and you use it on daily basis, you may want to test your bluetooth devices right away after installing this ROM.  If it doesn’t work for you, you can always go back to stock or try another ROM.

Performance is indeed excellent (scoring near 140K on Antutu) and battery life seems to have improved a ton.  I don’t have exact numbers but roughly 10-20% better battery life.  It seems this ROM allows me to go longer like an energizer bunny, especially when I am at my last 5%.  Overall, Resurrection Remix ROM for Pixel XL is probably one of the best ROMs you can install right now so definitely give it a try this week(end) and do let me know!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Pixel XL

Download Android 7.1.1 Gapps (optional, only install if you don’t see Play Store, most likely not needed.)

Download Android 7.1.1 Vendor (install this if you are coming from lower than 7.1.1)

Download Google Camera APK for Pixel (install this using any file explorer app such as ES File Explorer after installing ROM) – Direct Download Link

For installation, reboot into TWRP recovery, do a wipe/factory reset, install ROM, and reboot.  If Play Store is missing, reboot into recovery, then install Gapps after installing ROM.  If you get vendor error message, reboot into TWRP then use the fastboot command, “fastboot flash vendor vendor.img” to update vendor image.  You may also be able to use Flashify app to update vendor image.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you enjoyed it, thx!

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