Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 7.1.1 for LG V20!

While many newer Android devices takes months for an AOSP/CM ROM to appear, I have been awfully lucky of being able to run Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 7.1.1 on my LG V20.  Based on latest Android 7.1.1 sources, the latest Resurrection Remix ROM for LG V20 will convert your LG V20 into a full-fledged Pixel/Nexus device.  Now, this is available for the Verizon VS995, Sprint LS997, and H918 models only.

Although this ROM is still beta, everything works out of the box including 4G LTE data, voice calls, bluetooth, camera, etc…etc…  The only bug on this ROM is that voice recording is low when recording a video or using a video app such as Periscope.  Call volume is works 100% fine and even has extra volume toggle for speaker mode.  Also the bootup screen is a big giant static but other than that, this ROM is completely daily-drivable and I have been guilty of running this for a few days with excellent battery life.

Now for camera, all THREE cameras work!  You simply have to switch between the front wide-angle, back wide-angle, or back regular cameras.  FYI, the V20 actually has only one wide-angle camera in front, the LG UI gives you additional regular front camera mode which is basically cropped in from the wide-angle.  For video apps that use the back camera, it will default to the regular back camera, not the wide-angle.  Fingerprint sensor works flawless with this ROM.  In fact, I think it is even faster than stock firmware.

As for customization, Resurrection Remix ROM comes with a ton and I was able to easily tweak my status bar with centered clock, add custom “HighOnAndroid” logo, and even change out my Power menu to include cool things like screen recording and On-The-Go Mode.   If you love customizing your phone, this ROM will not disappoint.  If you have an LG V20 model that is supported, definitely give this ROM a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for LG V20 Verizon VS995

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for LG V20 Sprint LS997

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for LG V20 H918

Download Android 7.1.1 GappsDownload

Installation Instructions

Step 1 – Make sure you root your LG V20, see our tutorial on How to Root LG V20!

Step 2. Once rooted, copy over the ROM and Gapps for your V20 to microSD card on your phone.

Step 3. Reboot into TWRP, wipe data, reboot TWRP, do a factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot.

If you have trouble, watch the latter part of the video above where I show you and explain the ROM installation.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button if you enjoyed this ROM, thx!

Extra Mods

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  1. Emile Hong says:

    Bluetooth is disabled and cannot be enabled once this ROM is installed. On a Sprint LS997.

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