Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy S6! [Noble ROM]


For those of you who want to try out new Note 7 features, you can install the Note 7 Port ROM for your Galaxy S6 using Noble ROM.

Now, this is a full “ported” ROM straight from a real Galaxy Note 7 so you will be able to see what will be announced in a few days at the official Note 7 announcement.

The Galaxy Note 7 will have an IRIS scanner along with fingerprint scanner as evidenced by this ported ROM.  You will be able to access the IRIS settings but not able to register as it requires Note 7’s IRIS sensor, which is obviously not supported with S6.  Also the new Galaxy Note 7 will have curved edges similar to S7 Edge and feature Edge Screen Panels, which is also seen in this ported ROM.

Although there’s no S-Pen on the S6, you will still be able to try out new S-Pen features as the ROM developer has added in support.  The new Note 7 Air Command features new Note app, Smart Select, Screen Write, and Translate.  Probably the biggest feature this year is the Translate feature which can translate any letters you pick out on the screen.  However this feature is not yet working on this ROM.

Overall, this is an excellent way to try out Note 7’s new UX UI, S-Pen features, and verify that IRIS scanner is indeed coming so give it a test drive if you have a Galaxy S6 and do let us know if you find anything else new!

For demo of this ROM, please see Galaxy Note 7 Software Hands-on!


Download Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy S6

Credits – XDA


25 Responses

  1. Rockerz says:

    Will this rom will work on Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925i) ?

  2. crazzzy gamer says:

    hi max is this rom works on the galaxy s6 edge sm-g925f thank you

  3. Joe says:

    Does the rom include adoptable storage? I sure hope so especially with the rumor of only 64gb internal but 256gb ultra speed sd cards out 🙂

  4. Sam says:


    Where can I download edge panel for my Samsung galaxy s7 (not s7 edge)?

  5. Crom says:

    hi Max do you know where I can download Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy A9?

  6. Kshitiz says:

    hello max,
    i have not updated my s6 to marshmallow.
    will it still work on my s6????

  7. Vedant says:

    Will this ROM works lenovo a-7000

  8. Aafaq says:

    Hey will it work on s6 edge plus sm g928i?

  9. Kshitiz says:

    hello max,
    i have not updated my s6 to marshmallow.
    will it still work on my s6?????????

  10. anurag says:

    Hiw to install it ?

  11. Kshitiz says:

    Hello Max,
    Good Morning.
    I have not yet updated my S6 to Marshmallow.
    Will this still work on my S6??
    Please reply…

  12. Shalin says:

    Is sm-g920i supported?

  13. Guillaume says:

    Hi just wanted to know how to in stall the rom on s6

  14. Guillaume says:

    Also what are the requirements to install the rom

  15. All hi says:

    Can this note 7 rom work in sm-920v

  16. Suprith says:

    Can you please tell me how to get note 7 rom on s7 edge

  17. Satish says:

    Hi max does this rom support volte

  18. Krushit says:

    Hey Maxlee
    it`s rom is not fast this work slow
    Not support Lte


  19. Yg says:

    I’ve seen other versions of this Note7 Rom,those have private mode, flashlight, and app popup settings when pressed. Is your file the more current updated version?

  20. Yahav says:

    Hi I installed the ROM and I cant go back to stok if try.. so I went to sammobile and downloaded the newset firmware and it fails at the end all the time… What do I do now HELP

  21. Naren says:

    Will this rom will work on Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I ?

  22. Tuqay says:

    Sm-G920V works?

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