Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy Note 5! [CrissCross ROM]


If you guys want to experience all of the new software features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on your Note 5, you can easily with the Note 7 Port ROM, CrissCross ROM.

What this ROM is?

It’s an actual “ported” ROM meaning the software has been taken straight from a Galaxy Note 7.  Although Note 7 has not been officially announced, developers were able to acquire the firmware SM-N930F, which was used to make this awesome ROM.

Now this ROM does also come with a load of features including root via SuperSU, call recording, build prop tweaks, and even ROM Control app so you can tweak the UI easily.  There’s also multi-user that has been enabled, multiple reboot menu, and some more.

This ROM is currently supported for international Note 5 models SM-N920C, SM-N920G, SM-N920I, SM-N920K, SM-N920S, and SM-N920L.  You can also install and boot on T-Mobile or Canadian Galaxy Note 5 but you will also need to install SkyHigh Marshmallow kernel but voice calls are not working yet.

This ROM cannot be installed on any Note 5 with locked bootloader such as the AT&T SM-N920A or Verizon SM-N920V.

For installation, please refer to Galaxy Note 7 Conversion for Galaxy Note 5.


Download Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy Note 5

Download Fix

Credits – XDA


38 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Will it work on Sprint Note 5

  2. sohit says:

    Hello max, can i install this rom on my samsung galaxy note 5 sm-n9208. Please i would be highly appreciated. Hope i will get reply soon. Thank you

  3. 1TrackMike says:

    How about us cellular note 5?

  4. Ahmed Hokal says:

    Max ihave note5 sm-n920c dual Sim Does it work؟

  5. Sargam k Deshpande says:

    Is it like rooting your phone

  6. Ahmed sardar says:

    Where can i get it can u link it please???

  7. Ahmed sardar says:

    Where can i get it???


    I’ve installed this twice now on my note 5 canadian version but I’m not getting all of the Samsung Apps even though I ticket that box when installing. Any ideas anyone?

  9. NC says:

    Ticking indicates you want to remove NOT install.

  10. Kel says:

    Please will this room work on N920F???

  11. Joe says:

    Does the rom include adoptable storage? I sure hope so especially with the rumor of only 64gb internal but 256gb ultra speed sd cards out 🙂

  12. Ronnie says:

    I have a note 5 n920t it works but I can’t hear when u get or make phone calls is there a fix for this?

  13. Luis_310 says:

    Was not able to boot on sprint variant, it just boot loops and after a few min goes black

  14. Luis_310 says:

    Yo andy were you able to get it to boot?

  15. abdul raheem says:

    @max lee can u also mention any bug in that rom pls

  16. علي ابراهيم says:

    Max ihave note5 sm-n9208 dual Sim Does it work ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  17. Nadim says:

    Hii max, I have the SM-N920C, will it work on it?

  18. Yacob11 says:

    Is Room supports Arabic Language

  19. Nick says:

    hi max, wheres that dual sim fix that gou are referring to?

  20. Georgios Trakas says:

    Great job! Everything is working fine only the “Always on display” doesn’t work. Is this noemal? Is there a mod to ad for it to work? Thank you!

    • Georgios Trakas says:

      “Always On Display” is not working and can’t work until a custom kernel is coming out. And this will not happen until Samsung releases the source code of the kernel.

  21. Sopheak says:

    S pen app not the same note 7

  22. pom-yel says:

    I have a question this rom support multiLanguage or not

  23. Hazza says:

    How is the battery life compared to note 5 rom?

  24. Gaurav says:

    Max lee, Will it work on Note 5 SM-N920P

  25. Fahmi says:

    Can you give the link for dual-sim N9208 mode?
    And how about screen-off memo? I’ve installed this but no action memo and screen-off memo feature.
    Please help.
    Thanks Max

  26. Doug Walker says:

    HI Max, do you think this will eventually work with voice for the Canadian variant? Or do you have a suggestion for another note 7 port that will work for the Canadian Variant? (W8)


  27. Sagim says:

    I had already installed this CRISSCROSS ROM v.2 with the FIX and KERNEL in my Note 5 before. The ROM is really nice. It was almost similar to the new UI. But the Problem I faced is the my network signal was not detected. I had the SM-N9208 model. Is there something other Kernels that I should had installed??

  28. Marie wallace says:

    I’m on N5 T-mobile. I installed the crisscross rom with the fix (Followed your utube video to install) plus I installed the kernel. It booted everything looked good, went to make a call & nothing then it froze so I restarted & then it kept saying “System UI stopped working” I couldn’t get it to boot I had to install my backup. & I did a fresh, clean install. Is there a fix or another rom I could use, I’m dying to test the note 7 software. Ty max

  29. farrukh says:

    is there any russian language?

  30. Rizwan says:

    Y I can’t install this rom I did try but nothing

  31. Gantulga says:

    Hey Maxlee this Rom is good rom but something is not working . Always On Display , irisses , time night mode not enabled . Thankyou

  32. cbd retail sales info postcard says:

    when it says 3 to 4 drops of cbd oil does that mean full dropper or tiny little drops?

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