Note 7 Ported ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [DarkLord]


For those of you who want to convert your Galaxy Note 3 into a Note 7, you can do it easily using the DarkLord ROM, which gives you all new software features from the new Note 7.

Included are all Note 7 S-Pen features, Note 7 launcher, and even working Note 7 camera with Pro mode.  This is the first for a ported ROM, the DarkLord ROM allows you to use Pro “manual” mode with your Note 3.

Other cool new features include S-Pen Smart Select with ability to make GIFs on the go and translate words anywhere on the screen.  The only thing not working on this ROM is NFC, which you may want to consider if you absolutely need NFC.

If you are looking for the best custom ROM for your Note 3, this is definitely the way to go.


Download DarkLord ROM for Galaxy Note 3

Download DarkLord Kernel for Galaxy Note 3 (for Qualcomm-based Note 3 only)

For full installation instructions, see How to Convert Galaxy Note 3 to Note 7!

*Note – This ROM is available for the following models:

  • international SM-N9005
  • T-Mobile SM-N900T
  • Canadian SM-N900W8
  • Japan Note 3 SM-N900D/SC-01F/SCL 22/DCM/AU
  • Duos SM-N9002
  • Korean SM-N900K/S/L
  • Verizon Note 3 SM-N900V (Must have unlocked bootloader)
  • Sprint SM-N900P
  • Galaxy J SC-02F


73 Responses

  1. ifeanyi says:

    This rom performs in every thing but in my n900t my network signal is not stable comes on and off kind of like a glich

  2. Mike says:

    Weird. I click the download link and I keeps on opening the same page but in a different window. its not downloading

  3. jensen says:

    Fuck you at&t verzio, I hate At&t fuckkkkkkkkkk
    Grate work

  4. Ron says:

    Exactly how to download this ROM? Newbie here.

  5. Eno says:

    Please help with this signal issue. I had the same problem when this rom first came out and they said there was a signal fix but I can’t find it. I have t mobile note 3. Also, what CSC code would I choose? They usually have a TMO one to choose near the bottom but this one doesn’t so I left it on default. Could that be the signal issue? PLEASE HELP. I’m currently running Aryamod 6.5 S7 Edge rom.

  6. Dave says:

    My note 3 n9005 has the same signal problem. Just comes and goes.. I tried flash the fix package and still the same. Other then that it’s an excellent rom. Looking forward to a fix.

  7. Dave says:

    Just flashed it on My note 3 n9005 has the same signal problem. Just comes and goes.. I tried flash the fix package and still the same. Other then that it’s an excellent rom. Looking forward to a fix.

  8. karandeula says:

    is it work on note 3 at&t..please rep

  9. Michael M says:

    Every time I see a great new Rom reviewed here, I just get more upset at AT&T regarding our N900A. I truly wish we could also enjoy these great new features. Heck, I’d even be willing to pay someone $20 to make it happen!

  10. Collin Alphonso says:

    Flash the rom and kernal for n9005
    But having problems
    Lagging very much
    Play store not working properly. Sometimes gets stuck on 100% download

  11. Shubham says:

    Does this work on SM N900??

  12. tah480 says:

    Make sure your csc is correct. If you’re in the USA, T-Mobile is TMB. NOW search for kernels: (fixes 4G signal) (fixes lagging problems) (fixes S View)

    SystemUI_(Flash_Light).zip (fixes flashlight)

    (These are the kernels I have downloaded and using the lsskernal at the moment.

    Turned off auto update in play store. (Unfortunately Google play services has stopped message bug) idk if that would help and not restoring and updating apps on my phone until I check xda

  13. tah480 says:

    Do not update Android System webview. It triggers the repeated trigger notification unfortunately Google Play services have stopped

  14. tah480 says:

    This is on the SM – n900t

  15. tah480 says:

    there’s a dark Lord note 7 from v2 repackaged. Hopefully an in-depth review from Max Lee

  16. Hery says:

    Hello.., so the conclusion is, this dark lord ROM has a fatal weakness, which is the network signal is unstable?Thanks before..

  17. tah480 says:

    Yes and no. The port is originally for SM-N9005 which is the INTERNATIONAL MODEL. ALSO THIS IS DARKERA’S ROM PORT. if you got or something in the download name, then the code is edited and some are working on it to improve it. BUT you have some who don’t know coding like some of these developers and are screwing with things they shouldn’t. One zip I found and opened its source and it was Apple/MAC OS SCRIPT. SMH. If you look carefully at the kernel name, you will see your csc in the name.

    Ex: (hlte-tmo)


    Darklord-Kernal-Note7-eur-…….zip …

    So my NYC tower and service isn’t in Rome lol

    Just be careful what you download

    Go to for more info on DARKERA’S STULL

  18. Alfamaxim says:

    Instalation on N9005 is going ok till the instalation of kernel. The kernel instalation has error with mid5 …

  19. ranith says:

    hey what is the download link (Download DarkLord Kernel for Galaxy Note 3 (for Qualcomm-based Note 3 only)

  20. John says:

    I also have the Rogers SMN-900W8
    and the Rom works great but I have zero signal I’ve tried adding the APN myself for my carrier but still not working Max can you please address this issue and make a video for us? I really love the Rom but unfortunately I can’t keep it until the signal is fixed.

  21. Dimitris says:

    Guys I tried to installed the rom, but after it says starting aroma installer it reboots and stays on galaxy note 3 intro screen.

    Have I done something wrong? What should I do?


  22. DLee says:

    Mine also aborts installation just before Aroma installer and reboots into TWRP.
    I copied the ROM and Kernel to the external sd card for installation…. is that a problem?
    It also says: skipping MD5 check. No MD5 file found .
    Am I fu*@ed?

    • Xenos says:

      Try this version of TWRP “twrp-” I had a same problem with newer version “twrp-3.0.2-1-hlte.img”

  23. indianchacha says:

    did you flash the 8 mb kernel after flashing the 1.4gb rom ? otherwise there is will be problems.

  24. Yigit Caglar says:

    Hello , set warranty bit Kernel error please help me 🙁

  25. Stuart Harse says:

    I have flashed the rom and the kernel.
    In general it works lovely but the phone signal keeps dropping and going out of service when on a call.
    Data works fine and it sees 4g fine. Just voice calls keep dropping

  26. Alecuadrado says:

    HI! Is there any good ROM for SM-N900? Its my understanding that this ROM it is not compatible with this device. Please, any advise will be gratefully recived.

  27. Ali says:

    I am not able to download any help please

  28. sunder singh says:

    how to download rom and other files i dont understand plz help

  29. aurashku says:

    hello. Please help me. I wipe data as instructed, and when I select install zip the status bar appears but it does not gets full, it remains empty, and then the samsung note 3 n9005 icon appears and nothing happends.
    Any ideas ?
    Thank you

  30. djlosi says:

    I have installed darkload room to SM-N900L (korea LG U+).
    But My phone have “no signal”.
    So I can not call anyone.

    I want to use darkload room.
    Please How can i fix it?

    Thank you.

  31. Paul says:

    Can it support VoLTE?

  32. MIAN IBTISAM says:

    please help me .. today i download this rom in my note 3 n9002 …every thing is good ..but 2 problems
    1 sims not working .imei unknown
    2 charging and mtp problem

  33. RFMOM says:

    I have a N900A AT&T unlocked… but with a locked booatloader.. do any one know if will work? Because i’m not finding any rom for this phone… my phone still runing with 4.4 kit kat… i whant to use a newer ROM..


  34. sapon says:

    can i use it in sm-n900 exynos

  35. Jonny says:

    Does this room work on note 3 N9006 china model?

  36. olasonn says:

    Camera sometimes locks up, battery is rapidly draining and my note 3 case doesn’t turn on or off the screen. Other than that a good rom.

  37. John says:

    is this possible to install Note 7 Ported ROM for Galaxy Note 3 by Odin?

  38. Yemaro says:

    Bug found !!! Flashlight one ON then you have to reboot to turn it OFF. Flashlights button seem to get off but light won’t. and sometimes it says camera using the light so it won’t turn on but the truth is camera wasn’t event opened, all apps were closed.

    This ROM was pretty cool i hope they fix these bugs in coming updates.

    Sadly, have to shift to another ROM just because of those bugs.

  39. KElly says:

    Flashed to canadien SMN-900W8, (with no sim card)
    -If I put a schematic pin lock, I can`t log in anymore ( login screen keeps coming back).
    -Video recording give a failure warning (not working).
    -Camera works fine only if disabling most of the advanced features.
    -OTA updater not working.

  40. Muhammad says:

    Can note 3 n900 3g international use it

  41. ali says:

    Does it supports Indian galaxy note 3 SM-N900?

  42. Steve says:

    N9005 Internationale. Works good but power hungry and slow charging. Unable to charge when battery is depleted. Depleted battery in 6 hours after turning off almost everything with greenify. Turns on when cable inserted then eats power faster than can be charged so it just turns on and off. Battery charger indicator does not work.

  43. Azzeddine massin says:

    Hello .. tell me please . If i install this on my phone . Will i lose the data that i have in my phone’s storage??
    Thanks a lot

  44. Timon Harmel says:

    Dear MAXLEE i have a big Problem with my Galaxy note 3 Qualqomm i tried to install the Galaxy note 7 Rom but it freezes and tried to reboot but the data are all wiped and than i tried to install the and this were succsessfully than i tried again to install the Rom but it frezzes again and i cant install other roms because it failes ever it says footer is wrong
    Signatur veryfication failed please help me because i Need that phone Thanks in Advance

  45. MerlinGlobalTech says:

    Hi. Am using note 3 at $ t but I’ve unlock the bootloader using towelroot then installed safetrape recovery. My question now is will this rom work on it?

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